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Summer Opportunities

Campaign InstituteStudents who care about the environment, education, women's rights, health care, jobs and peace in Iraq, learn, run, and win a campaign driven by the issues, funded by small donors, and fueled by grassroots activism.  www.campaigninstitute.org.
DiscoveryWorks: Students participate in community service, conservation, and travel across New England.  Students volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House; mentor disadvantaged children as counselors at a camp in Lebanon, NH; work with sled-dogs, assist local farmers, volunteer in the Save-the-Bay program on Narragansett Bay, RI, and volunteer at a Boston food bank. www.summerfun.com
Global Works: Students ages 14-18 take part in community service and language immersion in projects like the Parc National des Erins, excavations in an 11th century village, or community center restorations in Corsica.  www.globalworksinc.com.
Greek Summer American Farm School: 11th and 12th grades live with host families in Greece while completing community service projects and touring historical and archeological sites. To apply, click here.
Hidden Valley Community: Students ages 14-16 participate in leadership training and community service projects in rural Maine.  Call 800-922-6737, or click here
Landmark Volunteers: Upper School students participate in two-week community service programs at cultural, environmental or social service institutions.  Volunteers live and labor manually with teams at sites like the Redwings Horse Sanctuary (CA), the National Elk Refuge (WY), the Paleontological Research Institution (NY), Jacob's Pillow (MA), or Snug Harbor (NY). See www.volunteers.com, e-mail landmark@volunteers.com or call 413-229-0255.
Lifeworks: Students participate in environmental service in the British Virgin Islands, alleviate harsh conditions in Costa Rica, revitalize the coastline on the Galapagos Islands, work with youth in Bangkok, provide medical support and programs for orphaned children in China, and work with aboriginal children in Australia. Go to info@lifeworks-international.com or www.lifeworks-international.com.
NYC Summer  for youth activists from NYC: Students work for social and economic justice at the Education in Liberation Project in Democracy School, creating discourse, building their capacity for change in their communities, and creating links between NYC youth. www.nycsummer.org.
Putney Student Travel: 9th-12th grades take part in community service programs to Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Montana, Alaska, and Tanzania. Call 802-387-5885 or go to www.goputney.com.