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Tuesday, January 22

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Community Service Council
7:30 - 8:15 am - Room 220C
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What if 100% of the Upper School would contribute to a Community Service project, not because it is a graduation requirement,
but because it is what we do, who we are at Trinity?





  What do U enjoy; what r U good at?

Community Services related to your personal interests and abilities.

  A Cause You'd like to work for

Community Services that serves the cause you feel strong about.

  In-School & After School

A list of Community Services that can be integrated into your school schedule.

  One-Day Opportunities

A list of Community Services with a limited commitment of one day or some hours.

 Summer Opportunities

A list of Summer CS opportunities.

  Register your Summer CS!

Did you participate to a Community Service Program this past summer? Let us know about it!

  Register your Current CS!
  As you are doing a CS this year, let us know!  
  Advertise your Group & Event!

Your club is not mentioned on this site, you have an up-coming event, you want to be highlighted as the "Story of the Month", let us know!



Current Community Service Offers
to come...






Leadership Wanted !

A list of CS Programs for which we are looking for a leadership team.

Students, Faculty, Parents, etc.
 Community Service Council

Share your input and ideas on how to enhance Trinity Community Service Program in the Upper School with the Community Service Council.

Parents, Alums, Friends, etc.
Do you have a CS Opportunity?

Trinity parents, friends or alums whose companies offer volunteer opportunities or internships for high school students are encouraged to submit the information.


  Fabienne Gérard
Upper School Community Service
(646) 827-6712
Trinity School
139 W. 91st Street
New York, NY 10024


Rev. Tim Morehouse
Trinity School Community Service Director
(212) 932-6871 
Trinity School
139 W. 91st Street
New York, NY 10024

139 W. 91st Street * New York, NY 10024 * 646-827-6712
Questions/Ideas/Concerns Email: