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This website forms part of the Trinity School (New York, USA) Tiger Kloof School (Vryburg, South Africa) Partnership. During the Summer 2004, I spent 5 weeks in the Tiger Kloof community. My project was to teach  selected grade 9 to 11 Tiger Kloof students to design and build a Website using Microsoft FrontPage.
My sincere thanks go out to everyone involved in this partnership, especially to Leon C Ferris (my partner teacher at TK), Lydia Webber (the Partnership Coordinator at TK) and Sonya Posmentier (Partnership Coordinator at Trinity), and to the Edward E. Ford Foundation.


The Partnership
~ Tiger Kloof, Vryburg, South Africa
~ Trinity School, New York, U.S.A.

Outcomes of the project
The Website created by TK students


Project preparation: Web Editing

Front Page Training Presentation

Front Page Training Hand-out  
     (pdf: Hand out)


Pictures and music from the trip


Marimba music by TK students

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